Personal Characteristics:

•Be thankful for what you have (perspectives).

•Keep a positive outlook on life (enjoy it).

•Find a passion.

•Be faithful in whatever you commit to do.

•Treat people as you want to be treated.

•Be humble.
•Take responsibility for yourself.

Team Characteristics:

•Believe in the system being taught.
•Trust in your teammates.
•Give of yourself for the sake of the team (become unselfish).

•Get better each and every day.
•Sell the system to others.

These two areas of character will be our focus each and every day. This is our foundation. If we are committed to the standards above, we will build an incredible environment. In turn success on the football field will take care of itself. These personal characteristics that we strive for are not temporary. They are not something that we focus on just during the football season; rather these characteristics guide our lives and in turn direct and shape our future. The methods of how we choose to guide our lives define us as individuals.

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