Welcome to the home workout page. This page is updated weekly with new at home workouts. 


Football Workouts will now be posted on the SPORTSYOU app that I asked you all to download and create an account last week.  This week we will do sprint work on Tuesday and Thursday. Wednesday & Friday will be total body lifting work (on your own). 


If you've got a weights at home, you should bench, squat, RDL, Push Press, Biceps and Triceps on both Wednesday and Friday.  Reps should be in the 4-8 Range (Strength Phase)  If you don't have access to weights, then you'll need to do variations of push Ups, abs, and air squats.  You can hold heavier objects around the house to add some resistance.  You'll need to do higher reps to burn out the muscles.

It's important that you are doing the workout on the designated day as the workouts build off of each other, and proper rest is important between the workouts.  Let me know if you have questions....but make sure you check out the SPORTSYOU app. 


Coach Park